Attic Ventilation

The necessity for proper attic ventilation applies mostly to Pitched Roof Buildings & Residences with attic space. Most Roofing Materials Manufacturers require sufficient ventilation & air circulation be present in order to honor the Manufacturer’s Warranty. During our initial inspection, one of the first things we look for are the attic vents.

Ventilation occurs when the attic temperature rises causing hot air to escape through the exhaust vents located near the ridgeline of the roof. Air circulation is accomplished when fresh air flows into the attic via intake vents located in the soffits or at the roof eaves. This vacuum effect helps to keep the roof above as well as the space below, protected.

Poor ventilation causes a lack of circulation in the attic. Stagnant air is trapped in the attic space & heats up during hot weather. It then radiates down through the ceiling into the home or building – causing elevated cooling bills; as well as up through the Wood Roof Deck, cooking the Composition Shingles or Tile Underlayment, and prematurely aging & wearing the roof.

Wilson Pacific Roofing is ready to inspect and correct your attic ventilation to help you maintain your new roof Material Manufacturer’s Warranty!