Transition Metal Installation

Most consumers don’t know what Transition Sheet metal is or what purpose it may serve…unfortunately, the same is true for most roofers. This is just tragic considering Transition Sheet Metal has proven to be the ONLY PERMANENT SOLUTION to stucco stains & leaks that represent an ongoing problem from the time the building or residence was first built!

Wilson Pacific Roofing is always on the cutting edge of better & more permanent solutions for chronic, repetitive roof problems. Every day, we come across roofs smeared with Roof Cement as a solution to ongoing leaks but Roof Cement is just that – cement, it is not a sealant & isn’t designed to seal roof leaks for any length of time. These chronic problems often begin when Transition Metal Installation has been overlooked during original construction. Neglecting this step is a Construction Defect & a primary focus in Construction Lawsuits.

At Wilson Pacific Roofing Transition Metal is custom designed & fabricated to be applied wherever possible to a multitude of transition & termination junction areas such as roof-to-wall; flashing corners; flat-to-pitch roof; etc. to provide a permanent solution in these trouble areas. Not only do we replace & repair roofs, we upgrade them while we’re at it!