Roof Replacement

Roof Replacement in Los Angeles

Complete Roof Replacement is needed when the current roof is worn or incorrectly installed. In the same way that a home is only as strong as it’s foundation, the same is true for your roof – Wilson Pacific Roofing Company Policy is to strip the old roof layers and thoroughly inspect the integrity of the existing roof deck before preparing it to receive the new Roof System. Once the deck is properly prepared, a deck inspection is required by the City Building Inspector before proceeding & the cost of City/County Permits will already be included in your estimate so there’s no additional charge!

Wilson Pacific Roofing believes that the most important work lies in the preparations. Once the evaluation is completed, we’ll submit a proposal including a detail of the preparations & procedures, pricing, warranty/guarantee details so there is an open communication & no surprises!

Advanced Roof Replacement Services in San Fernando Valley and Sherman Oaks

We ALWAYS install/apply your new roof system to the Materials Manufacturer’s exact specifications as required by the Manufacturer’s Warranty. Forming a new roof to properly meet the needs of the building or home requires planning, knowledge, and experience. On occasion, other contractors may be needed such as A/C Contractors, Exterminators, or Carpenters. We will set a pre-site meeting with the other contractors to make sure that everyone is working together seamlessly.

Choose us for commercial and residential roofing in Los Angeles. Our main goal is to get our clients happily through the Roof Replacement process, beginning to end!