Roof Repair and Maintenance

Roof Repair Sherman Oaks, Calabasas, North Hollywood, San Fernando Valley

The most commonly overlooked areas in the roofing industry are Roof Repair Application & Regular Maintenance. Wilson Pacific Roofing is a leader in the proper application of both temporary and permanent roof repairs.

Temporary Roof Repairs are applied to stop leaks in an emergency situation; Permanent Roof Repairs are a designed to replace the defective roof area with a new roof section or completely new roof.

Why Choose Wilson Pacific for Roofing Repair and Maintenance in Los Angeles?

We have been repairing roofs for over 40 years with over a 95% success rate! We GUARANTEE ALL of our permanent roof repairs including difficult roof types such as rock or tile roof systems. We also specialize in Commercial, Multi-Unit Housing, & H.O.A. Complexes and are available when you need us.

In most cases, Regular Maintenance is extremely neglected and typically only considered after a leak has appeared. With Regular Maintenance, leaks can be prevented before they appear!

When a new roof is installed, there is a Materials Manufacturer’s Warranty which only covers the materials from that manufacturer. Unfortunately, maintenance items such as flashings, A/C Units, skylights, vents, and most roof protrusions are not under warrantee and require periodic re-sealing. Wilson Pacific Roofing offers Annual Roof Clean-off Inspection and Maintenance Program to insure that your roof is in the best condition at all times!

In addition to roof repairs and maintenance, we also provide roof restoration and coating to keep your roofs restored and preserved.