Roof Insulation Services

Roof Insulation has many uses and is an important component to properly installing several types of Flat & Semi-Flat Roof Systems from Built-Up Roofs to the latest Single-Ply Thermoplastic Roof Systems.

Roof Insulation is installed on top of the roof deck & beneath the new roof& should not be confused with attic insulation.

Recovery Board Insulation, Plywood, or O.S.B. Particle Board are widely used as a padding to smooth out rough surfaces such as Plank Roof Decking. Recovery Board Insulation in conjunction with Taper Edge Strip is another effective method for leveling out roof depression & areas of ponding before the new roof is applied.

Polyiso, Styrofoam, Polyurethane, & Fiberglass Roof Insulations play a double roll in new roof construction & re-roof installations…first, they serve as a padding and also provide insulation from the weather. The thickness of these types of insulation vary anywhere from 1” to 4” thick, depending on the required specifications of the particular roof project.

Please note that most Materials Manufacturers require padding over Plank Roof Decking which was used during the construction of older buildings.