Roof Inspection and Consultation

Wilson Pacific Roofing believes in a “Full Disclosure” approach, providing as much information to potential clients as possible about the condition of the roof as well as options to remedy the situation completely free of charge.

A thorough roof inspection is performed to determine the root issue(s) with the current roof condition as well as any co-occurring roof problems that may be underlying. Once all damage has been identified, we determine solutions to address each finding.

Each proposal includes a written evaluation explaining the roof problems discovered, a full description of the current roof, and any non-roof related building or equipment problems that appear to be effecting the integrity of the roof…In most estimates, pictures & captions are included wherever available.

Once the evaluation is complete, findings and repair& re-roof options will be presented to the client along with a consultation to assist them in deciding which options will best resolve the roof situation. Putting together your estimate does take time & effort. The evaluation & proposal are both very involved and detailed as we believe it is important for clients to make an informed decision.

Wilson Pacific also attends your Management and Board Meetings upon request at no charge!