Commercial and Residential Skylights

Skylights have long been a great scapegoat for complaints of roof leaks which begs the question “Is it truly the roof or is the skylight to blame?” – There is no easy answer because it may be either, or both depending on the type of skylight and the craftsmanship at the time of installation!

During new construction from the early 1970’s to the year 2000, there were two types of skylights to choose from. The first was the Curb-Mounted Skylights, consisting of a sturdy wood frame which made flashing & counter flashing of the roof to the frame thorough and watertight – very little maintenance was required to maintain the integrity of the skylight or roof area. The second on the other hand, was very inexpensive, one-piece& easy to set in place.

However, the flimsy one-size-fits-most construction was typically undersized and incomplete which required an excessive amount of roof cement or caulkingwhich dries out & cracks open creating leaks in a very short period of time.

Our Los Angeles Roofing Contractors has converted hundreds of Self-Flashing Skylights to the more reliable Curb-Mounted Skylights on both Commercial & Residential Buildings with great results. We make upgrading to Curb-Mounted Skylights an easy, cost-effective investment without disturbing your roof!