Emergency Roof Repair and Overflow Installation

Wilson Pacific Roofing has been installing Flat Roof Systems since 1976. Over the past 40 years, we’ve encountered just about every roofing situation one could imagine and Flat Roof Depressions & Ponding are two of the most common problems.

The most effective method of addressing these issues is by applying a new roof section in the valley & drain area as well as installing Roof Drains & Parapet Wall Scuppers, insuring a good roof seal. We offer both Custom Designed or Factory Manufactured drains and include the Drain Pipe Installation & Wall Coring wherever necessary.

Wilson Pacific Roofing prides ourselves on maintaining a full & current understanding of Los Angeles County’s Building Code requirements. Current Building Codes require Emergency Overflows at each roof drain however, older buildings aren’t equipped with emergency overflow drains or wall scuppers which may pose a very serious problem if the primary drain became clogged or blocked.

We can upgrade your roof to be fit with the necessary drains & scuppers as part of the re-roofing project or simply as an independent repair!